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Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery 

Energy-efficient homes of today should have high levels of insulation. That are built as closely as possible to airtight standards and contain a central ventilation system with heat recovery.

The AXCO range of mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery (MVHR) is designed to recover up to 95% of the heat normally lost through open windows, trickle vents and other break-out points i.e extractor fans in a building structure.

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Fresh air is continuously drawn into the home via a low energy heat recovery ventilation unit, located in the roof space/utility area of the home.

The ventilation unit filters the incoming air and removes any pollutants and insects. Once it has been passed through the heat exchanger within the ventilation unit, the warm, clean fresh filtered air is distributed around the home, using a series of routed ducts to each habitable room (i.e. living room, bedroom etc…)

Air from the wet rooms (i.e. bathrooms, kitchens, WC’s and utility areas) are continuously extracted and filtered back through to the ventilation unit, where the heat from this air is transferred into the fresh incoming air.

A standard extract fan will vent warm air to the atmosphere. The property will then have a higher energy efficiency rating and comply with current building regulations. This is calculated by using the SAP Appendix Q.

The Benefits of MVHR:

  • Constant cleaned warmed, fresh filtered air reduces symptoms of asthma and allergy sufferers
  • Improves indoor air quality throughout the home
  • Contributes to the energy efficiency within the home
  • Enhances heat distribution
  • Reduces/eliminates surface condensation
  • Eliminates mould and mildew
  • Stops streaming windows
  • Removes musty odours
  • Quiet in operation
  • Aids Radon Dispersion
  • Any ventilation system must be installed and commissioned by a BPEC qualified installer

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Beam Mechanical Ventilation Systems

BEAM Central Vacuum 

Our range of vacuum systems, provide built in convenience for new build and existing homes.

Our market-leading Beam Vacuum Systems by Electrolux is more advanced, powerful convenient, hygienic than any other vacuum cleaning systems, that’s BUILT-IN CONVENIENCE.

Beam Central Vacuum Systems – a modern cleaning concept – a new way of life! Vacuum faster, easier and more efficiently than ever before.

Enjoy the benefits of a cleaner and healthier home.
Manufactured by Electrolux – the world’s leading supplier of home care appliances. Beam systems are now widely specified by architects and consulting engineers. Installed as standard by quality housebuilders throughout Ireland and the UK.

If you are building or renovating, now is the time to install the healthiest, most practical and affordable cleaning method. It is designed to last the lifetime of the building.

We have a central vacuum system to suit your individual needs – from an apartment to a commercial building to a 300-bedroom hotel.

The benefits of a Central Vacuum System:

  • Clinically proven to remove dust, mites, pollen, animal dander and other allergens from the air.
  • Clinically proven to relieve allergy symptoms.
  • Extremely quiet, you can even talk on the phone while vacuuming, the only sound you will hear is the quiet hush of airflow through the vacuum hose.
  • 5 times more powerful than a traditional drag-around vacuum .cleaner, with industrial-strength suction for a faster and deeper clean
  • Designed to last a lifetime.

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